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環境復育實驗室Environmental Remediation Lab.
指導老師 / 廖文彬 教學助教 / 無成員
實驗室位置 / 6F R619 聯絡電話 / 619
E-mail / wpliao@nchu.edu.tw









Across the past 20 years, the laboratory of environment remediation can be divided into three stages. Its research history started from the topics on wastes disposal by landfill in Taiwan, then on the remediation of contaminated soil, and currently to develop the treatment either by Electrokinetic remediation of contaminated soil or wastewater treatment by Electro-Fenton process.


Between 1980 and 2000, most household wastes were disposed of in landfills. Organic matter, which is decomposed in anaerobic condition, will emit methane and the carbon dioxide. Methane release to the atmosphere will pose greenhouse effect, but we can recycle it as energy.  We probe into the generation and the recycling of methane gas simultaneously. Meanwhile, methane oxidation by Methanotrophics on the surface of landfill was further investigated in order to    decompose the methane escaped and to reduce greenhouse gas.


Taiwan had many soil-pollution incidents in 2000s. We focused on the Electrokinetic technique to remedy contaminated soil and to treat the waste water. Three subjects have been thoroughly studied:

(a)     Engineering study on the operation conditions for better removal rates of heavy metals or organic pollutants from contaminated soils.

(b)    Use of Permeable Reactive Barriers (PRB) to react with the pollutants in groundwater, which might have responsive mechanisms of decomposition and adsorption.

(c)     Other engineering applications, including the stabilization of fly ash and then recycle the resources by electro-chemical process.


The newly merged pollutants can’t be degraded by traditional approaches which are based only on a phase transfer scenario. The refractory organics in wastewater can be treated successfully by free .OH radicals generated from electrochemical reaction known as the electro-Fenton reaction. Recently we want to develop a green technique, which is Photo-Fenton; it has much ability of degradation and a great challenge in the future.