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General Information
The Department of Environmental Engineering is established in1976, along with the master program in 1989, the Ph. D. program in 1994, and the on-duty master program in 2003. Currently, the department has 14 full-time and one adjunct faculty members, 3 teaching assistants, 1 technicians, 204 undergraduates, 85 master students, 73 on-duty master students and 43 Ph. D students. Around 52 freshmen and 41 graduate students enroll the department annually. Almost all the students graduated from our department are in high demand. They have been recruited either by graduate schools for advance degree or by the government environmental agencies, industries, and consulting companies for professional practice. Some doctorates graduated from our department are now holding teaching positions in the universities or colleges in Taiwan and have achieved much success in their specialized areas.
The research strengths in our department encompassing six major areas:
  1. water and wastewater treatment,
  2. air pollution control,
  3. waste management,
  4. environmental toxicology and industrial hygiene,
  5. environmental sampling and analysis, and
  6. environmental planning and management.
In each area, we have at least two professors conducting imperative research projects, respectively.
Our undergraduate curriculum is not only designed to cover the fundamental courses on science, but also emphasized on their application to environmental engineering, environmental planning, and management. The graduate curriculum focuses on equipping our students to be senior level environmental engineers and researchers. Our overall educational goal is to train our students to master the fundamentals in science and engineering, and develop their ability in analyzing and solving the environmental problems.
Teaching Goal
Basic Theory and Application of Environmental Engineering
Engineering Application on Ecology protection
Complete programs for bachelor, master and doctorate degree
Feasibility of Engineering
Research Goal
Analysis and Solution of Local Environmental Problems
Cooperation with local industries
Inter-disciplinary cooperation
Contact Us
The National Chung Hsing University Department of Environmental Engineering
145 Xingda Rd., South Dist., Taichung Taiwan 40227
Civil & Environmental Engineering Building
Tel: 886-4-22840441~3 E-mail: enve@nchu.edu.tw